SmartCast, the casting algorithm pioneer


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines. It has become an essential part of the technology industry. SmartCast was created with traits of AI; it is an intelligent algorithm that automatically connects buyers to voice actors. It’s the magic behind the product. What SmartCast does is a process of matching the requirements of a project and the offerings of the talents registered in our database. This way we have a fair selection system that applies to all our premium subscribers.

Once a SmartCast project is posted on Voice123, a matching and invitation process begins. This process takes many factors into account to determine which talents get invited to each project and when the system issues the invitation.  

SmartCast is the algorithm that provided Alex Torrenegra and Tania Zapata with their first patent. They wrote the application in 2006 and five years later they got it filed. If you are interested in learning more about this amazing invention, go check patent number US8266011 B2.

SmartCast starts by filtering profiles via basic parameters like age, gender, language, accent and location to match the project requirements. Then, it matches keywords with your Voice Details section. Once this step is complete, SmartCast starts considering other factors to determine the order invitations are sent out in. Some of these factors include: the voice seeker’s preferred voices and similar profiles, auditioning stats, ranking score and whether talents have uploaded good quality demos in the project category of the project.

Did you know that…the reason why SmartCast was created was because many talents were abusing the platform. Some casting projects were receiving up to 700 auditions. This was making people waste a lot of time on both sides of the equation—talents and buyers—so we decided to work on something that would encourage people to send an audition only if it would be relevant to that particular project.

Keep in mind that SmartCast sends out invitations in rounds. The number of auditions requested by the voice seeker and the project’s deadline determines the number of invites that are sent to each group and the speed at which they are sent out. Some talents may get invited in the first round while others are invited later on, depending on the profile rankings and how long the talent has been with Voice123. SmartCast sends out invitations until the number of auditions requested by the voice seeker has been reached until the project gets closed, or until the project reaches its deadline. SmartCast was developed to ensure that auditions don’t turn into cattle-calls.

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