Voice123 and its Voice Over Work

(Note: Why a reference to — and discussion about — Voice123 when there are several other similar platforms in cyberspace? Well, the authors of this guide are co-founders and leaders of Voice123 (see the prologue written by Alex Torrenegra) and we’re able to give you an insider’s look at exactly how our platform works. We can’t do that for other platforms. Besides — why not give ourselves a plug?)


Voice123 is a subscription-based platform (for more information on other platforms, go to Online Platforms). It’s the largest professional marketplace of its kind and is currently the most important source of voices for many leading companies, producers, and directors. It offers a simple and reliable way to promote voiceover services and reach clients in search of voice-actors for their recording projects. The purpose is to connect voice-actors with buyers from all around the world and to make relationships between them as seamless as possible. The casting process is totally free to use for buyers.

You have the opportunity to audition for a lot of different types of projects and if you get the job, not pay a percentage to an agent.

Kim Somers

Once the casting process is over and an actor has been selected or hired, payment, deadlines and an NDA (if required) are to be negotiated between the voice-actor and the buyer. Voice123 plays no role in the final transaction.

In this chapter you will learn the basics of Voice123

    • Getting Started.
    • SmartCast.
  • Make the Most of your Profile.

For further information about our platform, please visit the Voice123 Help Desk


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