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While it is perfectly true that one is born with a golden voice, even such voices need training. Some of the finest voice-actors didn’t have golden voices to begin with; what they had was a passion for the industry and a willingness to learn. Getting taught the tricks of the trade—and there are many—will be worth your while.

Time management is still important in this business. Dedicated a certain number of hours to auditions, to marketing, to learning your craft. Commit to continuing education via webinars, books, training, etc. Never stop trying to improve. 

Jim Price

If you’ve chosen voiceover work as a career, invest not only in the right equipment and the right recording environment but also in yourself. Hone your ability until it is the very best it can be. Voice-acting is as much a craft as it is a talent, so don’t let anyone stop you.

A vocal coach can help you improve your:

  • Vocal technique: The coach will guide you on how to breath correctly, adopt the right posture, exercise your facial muscles, and any other skill you need to control tone and pitch.
  • Acting: As the talent you are (or would like to be), you’ll be required to deliver a high quality performance—often under stressful conditions. A coach can help you manage your emotions and concentration levels to improve your performance.
  • Knowledge of audio-engineering: Coming to grips with digital audio fundamentals, as well as how use computer software and other equipment to get great results, is a must.

Remote coaching is becoming more and more popular.  If the coach you’d like to work with lives in a big city and you live in a small town (or in a different country), this is probably the only option—and a great one. The sessions may be via Skype, Google Hangouts, or any other platform that allows instant and real-time communication. Remote coaching sessions will allow you to learn a bit about both the actual and the online world. Keep in mind you may be hired by a client from the other side of the planet and they might want to guide you via Skype.

You can also take classes in your coach’s studio if you live nearby. It will give you experience with another microphone and equipment, and will also give you the opportunity to learn in a different environment than your own home studio.

As experienced as you may be, there is always something new to learn every day. Never stop learning. once you are done with a coach, go to the next one.

Christopher Roman and Cosmas Develegas

During the first session, the coach will (in all likelihood) analyze your talent, potential, and ability to read a script. They’ll tell you where in the industry you may fit best (documentaries, commercials, audiobooks, etc.), and how much practice you’ll need before you’re ready to record your first demo.

Don’t be afraid of trying different things; the whole point is to learn and develop a variety of skills that you’ll use in your career.

Be able to take criticism with a smile and a positive attitude. Continuing education in the voiceover field is a must. Things change at such a rapid pace that everyone can learn something new just about every day, so keep informed and up to date on all the latest technology to keep competitive.

Joseph Grimm

Of course, nobody can guarantee you’ll land jobs after having had training sessions, but you’ll certainly have the confidence to start putting yourself out there!




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