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This form of marketing changes quicker than the wind—mainly because it relies so heavily on sociology, psychology and technology. Social marketing can be one of the most effective ways to increase sales, and when compared to other forms of marketing, it’s something you as a voice-actor can have a bit more fun with. Still, don’t be duped into complacency by the fun aspect of it; it’s a vital tool in your marketing toolbox.

The root of this marketing is being ‘social’, and voice-actors are social creatures by nature. Keep in mind that social marketing is give-and-take; it’s NOT selling, or egocentric. It’s the process of talking about something to find like-minded individuals to work with. While it’s perfectly true that it’s a platform we use to sell ourselves, we should never appear too sales-ish or market-ish.

Social media is obviously a fantastic way to promote your work. Make a Facebook page, Twitter page, Soundcloud account the list goes on! These are great ways to market yourself and they all link to one another very easily. However, sometimes it’s great to think a little more outside the box. For example, don’t be afraid to scour the internet for video game developers and directly send them your character voice reel. You never know who may contact you back and besides, what have you got to lose?


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How social media is used is defined by the trends people create, so it’s not always easy to predict what will be effective. Learn to use social media well, and be consistent.

What’s particularly important to recognize is that you’re building a community around what you say and do. Engaging in conversation is the most effective way for social media marketing to work for you because each time you say something on the platform, you’re marketing who you are as a business and as a person.

Always stay engaged with your followers; if comments come in, react as soon as you can. Be sure to keep your online content current; yesterday’s news is yesterday’s news and people will treat it as such. Social media marketing has to be as dynamic as it is organic. The more prominent you make yourself, the more you will be noticed—and the more you are noticed, the more potential clients are likely to contact you for work.

Make sure you get referrals. Almost 30% of the community we questioned said that referrals were their best source of new clients—even more than an agent or personal website. They insist there’s a much higher closing rate when you pursue opportunities where you’ve been given a warm intro. Your reputation has preceded you; clients who come knocking on your door because of a strong recommendation will already have a measure of trust in you.

It is equally crucial that you treat referred customers extremely well. The cornerstone of building a business based on customer referrals is delivering consistently great service;  maintain the highest level of professionalism and respect confidentiality. People are almost always willing to pay a bit more when you’ve been recommended by someone they trust. Risk is reduced in the mind of the client so they can focus more on the quality and overall value of your service rather than price.

Don’t forget other parts of your marketing strategy, though.  After all, you need to sell your services first in order to receive customer referrals.  Always remember that customer referrals are marketing gold dust. You should try and get some great testimonials. The more referrals you get, the less you need to spend on other marketing methods – so always ensure customer referrals form an integral part of your sales strategy. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Never ever forget that.


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