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Getting online voiceover work is about being noticed. To be noticed, you need to get noticed, and to get noticed, you need exposure. Achieving this on the battlefield of the world wide web where everyone is trying to be found before everyone else—and that without doing something unscrupulous, lacking business integrity, or hurting results by violating rules set out by the folks who designed them—can be totally overwhelming. It might seem like a never-ending, content-generating task.

So, what is this SEO, why is it needed, and why do ALL online marketing people pay attention to it? Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating and/or optimizing content so it shows up higher in the rankings on search engines. Google has dominated the search engine business for many years, and there are always new articles coming out that attempt to explain how Google’s algorithms work. If you’ve ever seen the math formula behind an algorithm, it may well serve as a welcome reminder why you chose to become a voice-actor and not a programmer! Allow us to reiterate, though: this area of marketing changes often, and is by far the biggest pain to keep up with…

You need your own personal website. Having your own domain is very inexpensive. Take some time and create a great website with demos and contact information. Also, Facebook and Twitter is important. Update often.

Kim Somers

All voice-actors and online businesses have one thing in common when it comes to the web: they need to be found. Websites need to serve their purpose, and the purpose of most (if not all) websites is to bring in work. The purpose is not to show off how much you know, or how creative you are. Connecting with the mindset of online buyers is tricky, but if you can mix keeping it simple with keeping it creative and have it make sense, you’ll have more luck with your landing page—the page potential clients will land on after a search they conducted lead them to your business. If you go back through this guide, you’ll notice links attached to certain words because we expect you to click on these links and look at them for more information. These are call-to-action links. It’s important to ensure that a call-to-action link takes whoever clicks on it directly to where you want them to be—for instance: your demo.

It’s a common mistake voice-actors make on websites they created for themselves: the demo links go to other websites, not the demo itself. To make matters worse, there’s no direct link on the demo page that directs potential clients to where the voice-actor can be hired. The purpose of your page is to be hired, and as such, the focus should be on making that as easy as possible. Sure, websites offer great opportunities to express creativity, but be very, very careful. If your website is such a work of art that it takes a potential client too many clicks to get anywhere, a work of art is all your website will remain.

Search engine optimization is a very powerful tool. Make sure you know how to use it—and make good use of it.


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