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While the impact of online marketing is evident, offline marketing is just as important, despite the fact that some might consider it old-fashioned.

Word of mouth. I tell everyone what I do. You never know when they might need a good voice over artist or know of someone who’s looking for one. Build a website…showcase your talent out there (demo). Hand out business cards at networking events. Create a Youtube channel

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Nowadays it’s almost a prerequisite for any business (and remember you’re your own business) to have a website, offline marketing strategies are now frequently tied to a company’s online efforts.

Here are 10 ideas to market yourself offline:

  1. Create an image that represents you, an outstanding and artistic logo.
  2. Design business cards and use that logo. Then, make sure you always bring those business cards with you and share one with every new person you meet. Make yourself easy to contact.
  3. Send handwritten thank you notes. Make them memorable and personal. It’s a simple gesture of appreciation that will linger far longer than you might think.
  4. Try to participate in networking opportunities. Grab your business cards and work on your pitch. Your goal is to meet new people, so smile, be warm, have a positive attitude, and talk in a professional manner.
  5. Cold call prospective clients. If you have the nerve to approach someone professionally, openly and meaningfully, you’ll achieve an entrepreneurial reputation as well as success.
  6. Build and write your own success story and then share it with your community. Everyone is the hero of their own life’s story, and someone you know may know someone who is looking for a voice.
  7. Invest in relationships. Go for lunch with someone you met at an event that can help you grow your career.
  8. Keep in touch with past clients. This will enhance your reputation and will help you generate more customers as past clients can recommend you to people and businesses they know.
  9. Follow other people in the voiceover industry or anyone else who can teach you how to spread your message.
  10. Help other people in your industry by giving them a reason to talk about you and your brand in a positive way.


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