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Maybe changing the term ‘Payment Methods’ to ‘Buyer Options’ would make more sense; after all, this is about selling your voice—and the more options the buyer has to successfully conclude a purchase, the easier it will be for you (as the seller) to make the sale.

Imagine this scenario: If you walked into a restaurant and asked, “do you take credit cards?” only to be told by the Maitre D’, “sorry, cash only,”  what would you do? If you only had cards on you, you’d probably roll your eyes, grumble, and walk out.

We’d like to suggest that as a voice-actor, you should try offering as many payment methods as possible, otherwise you may well end up limiting the number of prospective clients you could otherwise have. Currently, the most popular ‘buyer options’ are:

Some general advice, for reasons related to identity theft and fraud: Be careful when signing up for payment services you are not familiar with. When in doubt, research it and research it well. This will make you more savvy when people present new payment methods to you, especially if you are hired by someone outside your country of residence. This is another reason why you need to offer as many options as possible: not all of the options mentioned above are available in every country.

  • Paypal – most widely-used, has a fee, and is used almost globally now.
  • Payoneer – a newer kid on the block, but becoming increasingly widespread. There are fees involved.
  • Credit Card – beware of ‘identity theft’, but it’s a quick way to be paid. Depending on your bank’s policy, you may incur a transaction fee. Check with your bank.
  • Money order – although money orders offer a degree of security, as ‘the seller’ you are asking ‘the buyer’ to go to a fair measure of effort. Some may not want to. Also, money order scams are not altogether uncommon.
  • Check – does anyone really still use this? It’s getting phased out quickly, we think…
  • Wire transfer – we’ve seen the credibility of this method implode over the last few years due to scams, but if the other party is sufficiently trustworthy, fine.
  • Escrow – is a popular payment option on some subscription platforms.

Important: Remember each payment method has a different workflow and fee to it. In addition, your own bank may charge fees. Just remember clients will pay more when it means they have to work less as a buyer.

Given that statement, every voice-actor should be mindful of offering their own brand of customer service, just like any online business. Make it VERY easy for them to pay you. How? Reduce the number of emails, link clicks, and reading from the time your work has been completed to the time you invoice, and then make sure all emails about invoices have explicit instructions on how to pay.



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    April 29, 2012 at 8:33 pm Reply

    The qustion that I would seem to be simple, but for me it is becoming almost impossible.
    I want to do simple on air quality in home voice recording. I do not intend to mix anything, I only intend to send what I have writen or what I have been given, record it and send it to a studio and let them go from there. WHAT EQUIPMENT DO iI NEED……It seem to be a simple question, but a question, for me a least does not have an answer.thank you Barrie Bailey 519 915 5855

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