Casting Directors

casting director

Casting directors are responsible for organizing and facilitating the selection of appropriate talents for all respective roles in a production. They must have a good eye – or ear –  for talent, a solid knowledge of the business, and a good capacity to interpret the vision of the director and/or the final client. A casting director will be working in conjunction with the director and producer, trying to fulfill their needs, so the casting director is a go-between. The casting director will be responsible for matching role to voice-actor. For this reason, they tend to be very selective and very demanding.

A casting director contacts a number of talents, either through offline agencies or through online casting platforms. The talents themselves or their agents, submit auditions based on what the production requirements are. Then, the casting director shortlists the best of the bunch and requests additional auditions so that the director and the producer can make a final decision.

The final casting decisions are usually made by the client. However, a casting director can be very influential; they compile the shortlist.

There is a time and place for everyone – make sure you cast your net as wide as possible… and particularly outside your own country – there is a whole world out there!

Helen Moore-Gillon

Keep in mind that a casting director will not direct you in the sense that you get told precisely what to do or how to do your job. As a talented voice-actor, you’re supposed to bring your creativity and your interpretive skills to the table. This is where your professionalism and expertise must shine.

Put yourself in the ears of the decision makers. As a talent, you want to make sure you are getting heard and you are getting the chance to compete. You will not get every job, but then again, you should not lose every job. Networking for any business is crucial. The more your brand grows, the more your tools need to grow. And while you may not use that tool every day, you may need it in your arsenal from time to time. Agents, marketplaces, casting directors, production houses, all are tools to help you grow. As you grow you will value each differently. Some may choose to go in different directions, but as a business, I am a firm believer in never limiting myself to one area or another. Staying diverse, and keeping options will keep you growing and help you be successful.

Russ Roberts 


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