Finally Working With Voice Over Clients

For this chapter, and not to challenge my own “street cred”, I asked working voice over talent exactly how they do it. Simply put, I needed to because in the work I do, at some point I drop out of the equation. Being a person who facilitates voice talent getting work is very different from actually working with clients, after an audition. I do not get involved after voice talent get hired.

So…I called on voice talent I knew were getting work on Voice123 due to discussions via email, and also voice seeker feedback emails. I want to quickly thank these voice over talent for helping answer my questions for this chapter. The great thing about having these great talent contribute is that they ALL get work online, and each of them represents a different type of voice, market, and a few of them have even hired voice talent. One thing they have taught me: Your online personality and attitude helps you win jobs. It has always been this way.

The answers to the next section were provided by the following voice talent:

I hope you find this information as enlightening as I did.


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