VoiceBunny Review – New Voice Over Frontier

VoiceBunny is a new website, currently in beta testing, started by the co-founders of Voice123, Alex Torrenegra and Tania Zapata.

It is different from much of what traditional market voice over talent are used to because it reaches into a tech market for getting voice over work, involving new markets such as publishers, audio blogcasts, podcasting, and fast audio reads for news articles, and soon…all forms of voice over casting. Basically, the type of web content that is “spoken”. Yet, the traditional ways of getting work that many voice talent are used to will still exist in VoiceBunny.

At the very start of VoiceBunny, there will indeed be some confusion amongst voice actors or fear as to what is exactly being posted for voice over work. The important thing to remember though is that voice talent and VoiceBunny are reaching into a new market, which is pivotal for all media businesses, and voice talent should know what this type of voice work requires. Ultimately, every business needs to reach deep into new economic ecosystems to survive. What am I talking about? Read more here

Back to this review…

Through this voice over guide, you have found many tips from me on how to get work online, and all of these tips are still relative to getting work, but VoiceBunny takes a different approach. Voice talent should love this because now the end-all-be-all result of getting work sits in their hands. It is important to recognize how VoiceBunny will work. And this leads me to something I have been wanting to say for several years…

P2P is now P4P…No more subscription! SO…

What is VoiceBunny

  • Offers an API.
  • Way for businesses and media to get recordings quickly.
  • Fast production quality completed work. Your accepted read for the job is what will be used.

What is NOT VoiceBunny

  • An audition process. No re-takes, and no “can you read it a new way for me” batch of emails.
  • A way to practice for free. In fact, submitting such reads that dont match may get you removed from the site.
  • Competition with Union jobs

How to audition? No wait…You don’t audition…What happens exactly?

  • You need a Facebook account.
  • Currently, you are matched to jobs on very simple parameters of language, gender, and cost. Subject to change.
  • When jobs show up in your dashboard, you must be quick on the draw to accept it.
  • There is a timer to submit your read, and if you do not submit it on time, the job returns to the queue of work available.
  • When your read is submitted, the VoiceBunny staff screens for audio quality, possible spam etc.
  • If approved, the buyer is emailed they have a new read.
  • If the buyer approves it, you get paid.
  • If your read is rejected, the job returns for other people to submit.

What’s old…is new again? Maybe…umm no.

VoiceBunny will be going through many changes during the testing period.

Pros about the website

  • The great thing is that the payment system is set up through VoiceBunny, and that means no more invoicing clients. They will pay you after they approve the read.
  • You, as a talent, set your own rates and decide what you want. There is no official “industry standard” for the type of work you will be doing.

Cons….too early to say

  • Beta testing is a nice way of saying, “We built it, but it is not done yet. There is much more to do.” There is a crazy amount of testing going on, and a small number of talent involved.

On a humorous note…If anything like this ever makes you concerned, take a look at the 8 Most Spectacularly Wrong Predictions about computers and the Internet. It will show you that even the most popular of opinions and wisest of individuals can predict things that simply will never happen.

Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.

– Popular Mechanics, 1949

Ummm….let’s wait and see.
I can express that since starting at Voice123, and investigating complaints about online casting that I had myself, I have found that predictions of doom are almost always wrong, and the only people who know what will happen, are those who had the backbone to start a website and find out.




  • Bob

    February 10, 2012 at 4:30 am Reply

    I was sent an email invite and given a code to enter upon registration but was never prompted to enter that “special code” in the registration process. Also, is there any way to verify me without using the infamous Facebook as a means to do it.

  • lpinney

    June 7, 2012 at 2:13 am Reply

    Sounds interesting Steven. Thanks for the invite.

  • Michael C

    June 22, 2012 at 6:59 pm Reply

    Would like to sign up, but I don’t care for the link to Facebook. Just don’t want to mix the two. Is there anyway that I can sign up without jumping through that hoop?

  • Steve McHenry

    July 1, 2012 at 4:35 pm Reply

    I love Voice Bunny! I’ve already had three approved reads, and am looking forward to what future will hold for this great new innovation. Thanks, Mr. Voice Bunny!

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