Voice123 and its Voice Over Work


It may seem odd to have this as chapter 6, but I know Voice123 is not the first step on the journey to becoming an online voice talent. In fact, Voice123 is NOT for beginners. If you read enough online content you will find stories of success, and failure on Voice123. The stories of those who did not do well on Voice123 normally involve those who jumped on Voice123, first, before being aware of what it meant to work online.

I had the same problem back in 2005, but that was a different time, and much has changed since. I am going to share my own interpretation of the site for this chapter, and describe the following:

Granted, I am not a web developer, but I work for a website, my siblings work in computers, and that kinda thing just gets absorbed over the years with open ears. I have my way of looking at things, and my perspectives have helped others get work. There must be something to it.


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