Different Types

Not all voice overs are the same, and not every voice talent is able to do all types of voice over work. Out of the thousands of current online voice talent, it is safe to say between 10% – 13% get work in all categories, but there are those who specialize in ONLY one or two types of voice over work, and as such, may need multiple channels to find voice over work. Here are specific types of demos below. Granted, they can appear under different names more suited to a person who is marketing a specific type of work:

  • Audiobooks
  • Movie Trailer
  • Phone Message
  • Video games
  • Commercials
  • Promos
  • Trainings
  • Podcast
  • Documentary

There are many types of voice over work. They may not widely recognized due to their relation to small business, but these jobs can be booked from demos above:

  • Doing live announcer work
  • Radio imaging
  • In-store video
  • Animation
  • Toys
  • Voice overs for any application used for mobile devices. There is an independent game developer community that exists, which is always needing voice talent.

You may wonder why Animation was not mentioned above. The trend I have seen with Animation demos; out of all the demos mentioned ‘Animation Demos’ are usually the greatest in abundance, while being the most poorly done. Why? Many animation jobs are booked because of the voice talent’s acting ability to bring characters to life, or for work done in other voice over types. These voice talent also find work in video games, audio books, and documentaries. See here for an example.

The ability ‘to do funny voices’ vs. ‘doing a character that is believable’ can make the difference between agents thinking your demo is amazing or obnoxious. In researching, poking around, talking too much etc. I found this demo producer, Marc Graue, is one of the best Animation demo producers today.

There is another type of voice over work known as “looping”, which is a lucrative form of voice over work that can somewhat be described as doing voice acting for extras in film/TV. A relative of mine who is in Screen Actors Guild gets this type of work often, while living in Los Angeles, California. He explains to me, “I watch a screen and create conversations for certain extras assigned to me.” To date, I have never seen a “looping demo” nor a job posting in online casting looking for talent to do such work from home.



  • Laurel Thomas

    August 19, 2011 at 9:27 pm Reply

    Steven, there’s an odd couple of sentences starting the paragraph after the first bullet list. You might want to check that and maybe clarify the point there. 😉

    • Jamie Leigh Allen

      August 23, 2011 at 7:46 pm Reply

      I think he means this paragraph: There are types of voice over work such as. They may not widely recognized due to their relation to small business, but these jobs can be booked from demos above:

      The first sentence isn’t really a sentence.

      But I’m really enjoy this chapter!

  • Andrew Charlton

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    Hi.. I am glad to knowing this knowledge about voice acting for animation.. I am new visitor to your article. I also want to be a voice over actor. Can you help me to becoming a actor.? I shall be thankful to you for this.

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