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At my job, I picked up on reasons why it is simply important to be on an online casting site like Voice123, as a voice talent, and no, I am not being partial because I work here:

1. Web exposure: Voice123 is still the first successful online casting site for voice overs started in 2003.

2. Career building advice shared via blogs, and newsletters.

3. Marketing tools that voice talent can find in the More Tools section of his/her profile, such as Link Exchange and Add a Demo to your website.

Granted, these things equally promote the website, as well as voice talent, but that is all the more reason voice talent should take notice of it for their own personal websites, and marketing plans. Many talent have already gone that extra step to do the following below for themselves, and through the tools on Voice123:

1. Exchanging links by pasting an HTML badge into your own personal website, linking you back to another website to help increase your search engine results. Bloggers do this often.

2. Add html code with your voice over demo to your personal website, linking you back to the original website it is being hosted on. In doing so, your demo and your website achieve more online exposure, while they are able to hear your demo in two places.

Before you think I just spoke another language, embedding objects into websites is quite common. If you go to any Youtube page, for example, you will see examples of how each video offers HTML code to be embedded into other pages. If you do not know what HTML is or have no idea how to paste it in a website, you can pass it to the creator of your website. A way I was teaching myself was to create various accounts on blogs, and sites that allowed HTML. It was in fact, like trying to learn a brand new language. In my position, I am forever looking to Google searches to see what is changing. At the time I began writing this, there were many discussions on HTML5, only a couple of months later, I have not been seeing that much discussion and it is still under development.

4. When filling out your short voice description, and voice over profile text sections, it is important to remember SEO (search engine optimization), and using relevant search keywords for the voice over industry i.e. Words clients use to find voice talent. Copying and pasting words from a thesaurus is not effective because your profile has to make sense, easy to read, and comprehensive. “Being found” is not everything. When you are found, you want to be hired, and confusing someone with irrelevant words or statements can be confusing.


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