If you search around enough content about voice overs online, you will come across stories of failure more than you will success. There is one solid reason as to why:

  • Those who have failed at online casting simply were not ready to compete online.
  • Regardless of their voice over experience, offline, they did not understand the online environment they were working in.

How does this apply to voice overs online? Perhaps the worst thing an experienced voice talent can do is look at an online casting site, and immediately lump it in with other casting methods used offline. This belief will cause the most experienced voice talent to think:

  • ‘My audition need only be ‘casting director’s office quality’
  • “The voice seeker is responsible for setting this job up”
  • “I should not have to audition because I am well-known”

What is happening?

  • The voice talent is transferring what they think should work ONLINE, based on OFFLINE experience.
  • The above points display to the online client that a person has little idea how they sound in an audition, do not understand who is the “buyer” and “seller”, or believe that their offline experience, which is very well-known in their market, somehow became well-known online in a brand new market. The metaphor commonly used: “Would you pay for a newspaper online, then go outside and pick it up from the paperboy?”.
  • The general misunderstanding as to ‘what people want’ and ‘why people buy things from one resource’ is missing. The immediate sense of failure leads one to believe that somehow online casting is less professional, and they quit.
  • Ultimately, they never gave themselves a chance to gain any traction in a new online market.

When it comes down to reading ‘success/failure’ stories online, keep in mind when you ask for opinions from others, that it is a good idea to listen to the one’s who have succeeded, or those who understand why people have had success.


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  • Rebecca Blair

    September 17, 2011 at 3:35 am Reply

    Thank you Steve!
    One thing for sure- there is a voice for every brand! If you don’t put yourself out there you’ll never know what you missed! Just as the industry has changed in my 20 years in it, so has the way I market my voice… It’s been all good and voice 123 has been a big part of that!

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