This is simply a comparison of the two casting methods: Online and Offline. They are very different, and for that reason, they must be approached differently. You will also find though, that some things simply never change. In general, online casting is more “do it yourself”, and offline casting involves paying for services from intermediaries. Regardless, at some point, one must remember this is a career, no casting method should be ignored:

Offline Casting

  • Commute to audition paid for by talent
  • Commission paid to agent is usually 10%-15% paid for by talent from wages earned
  • Invited by agent/casting director is paid for by talent as part of marketing expenses
  • It is not always easy to say ‘No’ when you wish not to audition when an agent has called
  • Direction provided by agent/Client/Casting Director
  • Payment/contract negotiations done by agent
  • Studio provided by production house/Agent/Casting director, paid for by client, which means ‘do not waste their time and money in a studio’ :)

Online Casting

  • No commute
  • No intermediary
  • No commission
  • Invited by software
  • Very easy to say ‘No’ to auditions
  • Direction provided by voice talent
  • Payments/contracts negotiated by voice talent
  • Voice over studio provided by you, the voice talent
  • Union membership required for jobs that are posted online as union.
  • Websites play no part in any negotiation process between voice talent and clients hiring.

We have seen that not everyone has the potential to be a ‘do-it-yourself’ voice talent, simply because they prefer to have agents, which is completely understandable. Auditioning day after day is tough no matter where you do it because it involves “rejection”. Yet, when it comes to comparing ‘online vs offline’, you have to respect that these are completely two different ways of getting voice over work. ‘Having an agent’ does not make one ‘more professional’ than someone else, and beyond that, the people hiring only care that you are easy to work with, and can do the job. If you treat these two methods the same, you will get passed on for a job. If doing it yourself is not your thing, and you know it, work with the people who like to work the same way you do.

After all, this is all about ‘getting voice over work’, and all the auditions I hear daily tell me that those getting work online are NOT beginners, and they are very professional. To think otherwise is a mistake.


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